Mothers' Union attend Parliamentary consultation on “Supporting Relationship Education”

On Tuesday 31st January,  Chief Executive, Bev Julien and Mothers’ Union Coventry Diocese Parenting Facilitator Karen Morris attended a Parliamentary consultation on “Supporting Relationship Education” hosted at Parliament by Fiona Bruce MP. 

Karen Morris is currently involved in What Should We Tell the Children about Relationships and Sex?  in her diocese of Coventry. It is a parenting programme developed in 2004 by Coventry University Health Services Research Centre, commissioned by Coventry City Council. Mothers’ Union parenting facilitators were amongst those on the steering group, and have been the major providers of the programme in Warwickshire.

After listening to speakers such as Judith Nermerth, executive director of Najos and Harry Benson, research director from the Marriage Foundation, Karen spoke about the importance of remembering the perspective of parents when looking at Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). She said “Parents are really concerned that they don’t have the skills to talk to their children about relationships and sex but they also don’t know what is happening at school and what their children are being taught.” She continued, “The what we tell the children... scheme that Mothers’ Union are involved in helps empower parents to have ongoing conversations with their children about flourishing relationships and sex. It also builds up a relationship with the child, parent and school so that there is transparency around what the child is being told.” Karen’s words were cited throughout the rest of the debate with contributors echoing the importance of parents’ involvement in RSE. 

There were a number of valued points and opinions raised throughout the consultation with everyone in the room in agreement on the importance of Relationship and Sex Education to educate children on the importance of healthy, flourishing relationships.

Bev says “It’s extremely important that we are sitting at the table and contributing to such an important discussion. Mothers’ Union members continue to be at the forefront of supporting families and have tremendous insight in to what parents are concerned about when it comes to talking to their children about the crucial issues of relationships and sex.”